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The Bloomésie Ballerine flower box is uniquely beautiful. The delicate pink tones embody the lightness of a dancer and the sweeping petals of the carnations are reminiscent of the delicate tutu of a ballerina. The Flowerbox Ballerine is one of our favorites and much more a work of art than a Flowerbox.

Shelf life: up to 3 years

Rose head: Approx. 6 cm

Care: No water necessary

Rose scent intensity: Medium



Content: 15ml 0.5fl. oz.

Application: Drip the perfume directly into the rose. At least 1-2 drops per rose. 

Scent: rose

Fragrance duration: Approx. 8 weeks from the first application.

Scent intensity: Varies depending on the amount of drops in the rose.

Aufgrund sehr hoher Nachfrage erfolgt die Lieferung ab dem 29. Oktober 2021. Verfügbare Artikel werden innerhalb 2-3 Tage geliefert.

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